Best Practices and Interactive Inspiration

Learn from the pros

Before getting started in the Studio, we've gathered some materials that will help spur your creativity.

Our creative team knows a thing or two about crafting videos that rock. They've put together some ⏩ Best Practices ⏪ that will help make your video an interactive masterpiece 🌟

 Tip #1: Let the user know they can interact ⬇️


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Also explore our ⏩ Showcase library ⏪ of amazing interactive experiences. Watch WIREWAX hits in different categories such as auto, branded content, fashion/retail, and more! Check out some top notch interactive examples here ⬇️


Porsche Cayenne

The video becomes as interactive and fun as the game it promotes - all leading to seamless pre-orders and orders.

  • 3+ interactions per active viewer
  • 9x greater interaction rates
  • 16% increase in message recall


Maybelline: The Path to Color Correcting

A Folio award winner and created entirely by the team at The Foundry, this choose-your-own skin type narrative produced some of the best results for any Maybelline campaign to date.

  • 66% interaction rate
  • 4 interactions per viewer


The Health Benefits of Yoga

Share the benefits of the downward facing dog and eventually work your way up to a full pigeon with this interactive tutorial. A perfect warm up for gyms, publishers & studios.

  • 47% increase in time spent in video
  • 9x greater interaction rates
  • 32% more memorable than traditional video



Find more examples of interactive success in our complete ⏩ Showcase Library ⏪.

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