Can I upload a custom font to the studio?

🔤 Does your brand have their own, custom font? We got you covered! 🔤


The WIREWAX Studio supports custom brand fonts for Enterprise clients. Currently the user interface for uploading fonts is under alpha testing, but you can reach out to and we will upload and prepare the fonts for you within 1 week. Custom fonts are accessible to all seats under the same Enterprise account.

When sending custom font files, we recommend including at least two of the following formats based on your video distribution requirements:

  • ttf (truetype): Safari, Android, iOS
  • otf (OpenType): Modern Browsers
  • woff: Pretty Modern Browsers
  • woff2: Super Modern Browsers
  • svg: Legacy iOS
  • eot: IE

Additionally, please use the naming convention EnterpriseName_FontFamilyName-FontStyle, as shown below, when sending font files to

// Good
✅ WIREWAX_Sans-BoldItalic.ttf
✅ WIREWAX_Sans-Regular.otf
✅ WIREWAX_Sans.woff
✅ WIREWAX_SansCondensed-Regular.ttf

// Not ideal
❌ Sans-BoldItalic.ttf (No brand name)
❌ WIREWAX_OpenSans_Regular.ttf (Not using dash)
❌ WIREWAX_OpenSans-regular.ttf (Not capitalized)
❌ WIREWAX_OpenSans-BLK.ttf (Not the full name of the font style)
❌ WIREWAX_OpenSans-CondensedRegular.ttf (Condensed is not font style)


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