Can my video run as an ad with a VAST/VPAID tag?

Use our standard IAB-approved VPAID unit in a VAST tag wrapper.

Please note: VAST and VPAID support is available to Enterprise customers only. To learn how to upgrade your account, please email

WIREWAX has an IAB-complaint VPAID wrapper that allows our interactive videos to be served as an ad unit in standard or programmatic campaigns. WIREWAX can either supply the VAST Tag with our VPAID wrapper inside, or we can simply deliver you the VPAID wrapper which you can insert into your own VAST tag to include any 3rd party tracking you may require.  your ad server. 

See a WIREWAX VPAID unit in action in Google’s VAST Inspector here. WIREWAX’s VPAID unit can be served through DoubleClick, in standard campaign or programmatic formats. Speak with your WIREWAX account manager to generate your VAST tag and discuss your campaign plan.