Distributing And Embedding Your WIREWAX Video

Now that you've created your interactive masterpiece, it's time to get it out into the world! 🌎

You can find a full list here of all the places your WIREWAX video can live, or read on below for some of these most common methods explained.

The WIREWAX Player

At WIREWAX we’ve perfected our own lightweight, HTML5 iframe player.

If you’re looking to host your video on your own website – on desktop, mobile, or app – this is a great option. The WIREWAX player is fully responsive and will dynamically serve appropriate renditions for all the devices and browsers out there. Our unique player also enables all mobile video to play in-browser – even on the iPhone.

To use the WIREWAX iframe, simply copy the iframe code provided under the ‘Embed’ tab in the video editor and paste into your CMS or website backend. Here you can add customizations such as responsiveness, size and display options of your video.

Some devices will prevent WIREWAX video going fullscreen, which is why we recommend always embedding your interactive content to the width of the screen to make the most of the available real estate on smaller screens.

⚠️ Smart Tip: Generate customised iframes with the tool available on our view pages. Replace the last 7 digits of the URL with any video ID of your choice.

Get savvy on social


If you’re looking to improve your video presence across social channels, read on. WIREWAX interactivity works in a variety of ways across the most popular platforms.


First, consider posting your video to Facebook even if you’ve used the WIREWAX player somewhere else (like your website). Add a short ‘teaser’ video or an image with text that links to your video’s landing page.


Check out this example from our friends at Gogglesoc:



Sadly, YouTube doesn’t support rich media formats, so your WIREWAX video will not be displayed on a YouTube.com page. But you can still use YouTube as a host using our YouTube player wrapper, accumulating vanity views on your YouTube channel from all your WIREWAX views. Your video can also be embedded into YouTube masthead ad units (on desktop only).

⚠️ Smart Tip: To use YouTube as a wrapper for your WIREWAX video, you must first upload the video to WIREWAX Studio from a YouTube URL.


WIREWAX is whitelisted Twitter partner. You can embed the interactive experience into the Twitter Player Card. The WIREWAX video will appear in the tweet itself on desktop and mobile.

See an example

Be sure to add to Twitter using the URL view.wirewax.com/[videoid]. The Video ID is the 7 digit number attached to each WIREWAX video you create.


WIREWAX videos can be used inside Instagram's browser through an Instagram Ad or Story.



Check out another example from P&G:



Learn more about WIREWAX and Instagram here.


Host WIREWAX videos yourself

Want to download a WIREWAX video to play offline, or host yourself? Our Enterprise subscribers have the option of requesting Downloadable Offline Packages for hosting on your own servers.

Are you looking to distribute your video somewhere else we haven’t covered? Shoot us a note at support@wirewax.com to talk through options.