Do WIREWAX videos work in all browsers?

What browsers can I use the WIREWAX Studio on?

WIREWAX Studio is currently optimised for Chrome only, for both Mac and PC devices.

What about the Interactive experiences?

Interactive Video and images created in WIREWAX are supported on all modern day browsers across devices including:

All other browsers will attempt to run and gracefully reduce the experience, where interactive media has limited support.

What about on Mobile?

  • Android 7.0
  • iPhone + iPad iOS is 10.3+

And what about Internet Explorer?

  • As of February, 2021, we are dropping support for all builds of IE 11, as Microsoft dropped IE maintenance in 2020. Currently the WIREWAX player will continue to work on the most recent build of IE 11, but this build and all previous IE builds may experience glitches due to the limited web media support of IE. For a temporary practice, we recommend to dynamically append url params noCustomisations=true to your embedded video url when detecting the browser is IE. This url param will disable interactivity (hotspots, overlays, time triggers) for a WIREWAX video.


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