Glossary - Frequently Used Terms

WIREWAX Glossary


Branching/Time Triggers - Jump between points in a video, or pause the video to allow the viewer to choose their own path. Check out our full Success article on how to use Branching here.

Click out - The action of going to a website from the video.

Embed - You can put this code in the HTML of a page on your website so that the WIREWAX video will play on your site.

Hotspot - The hotspot is the area of the video that acts as a hitbox - clicking on the hotspot will lead to the content.

iframe - An iframe allows an external webpage to be placed inside another.

Offline Package - Looking to have a version of your video available that doesn't run through the internet? You can request one of these, where you can host on your own private server.

Overlay - An Overlay is a pop up which you'll be adding your content to, whether it be an iFrame, a video, a PDF or lots more.

Posterframe - This is the cover image of your video that greets viewers before the video starts.

Studio - the Studio is where users who have signed up can create their interactive videos. Haven't got a login? Sign up here!

videoID - If you run into any issues, a member of the support team is most likely going to ask for your videoID - what is meant by this is the 7 digit number (most likely beginning with 8) that can be found in the URL when within the studio editing your video, or in the bottom right hand corner of your video when at the home page.

WIREWAX Sync - This allows users to sync their videos between Brightcove and WIREWAX, meaning that videos uploaded to Brightcove can be placed into your WIREWAX account as well as the Brightcove player being used to host interactive WIREWAX videos.



Active Views & Active Viewers - An active viewer is a viewer who interacted with your video at least once. An active view is a view in which at least one interaction took place.

Add to cart - The number of clicks on "add to cart" widgets in your video.

Clickouts - The number of clicks on external links within your video.

Dwell Time - The total amount of time (in seconds) viewers spent in overlays.

Interactions - This is the total number of times your tags were clicked on.

Views - The number of times the video has been watched.

Viewers - The number of people who started playing your video.