How can I create a folder for my assets?

Organize and share your assets


Folders are a great way of organizing your WIREWAX assets and can act as a storage space that all of your WIREWAX images and videos can be placed into. A folder can also contain other folders, to help create a useful directory system.

All of your folders can be found in the folder tree on the lefthand side of the DAM.

To create a folder:

1) Click the new folder icon on the top left of the DAM

2) Give your folder a title and press 'enter'

Your folder will appear in the folder tree, ready for you to add assets to or share with teammates or clients. To share a folder with a teammate: 

1) Click the three-dot menu on the left hand side of your folder

2) Choose 'share'

3) Enter the email of your teammate and designate them a level of access to the assets inside the folder. Note that your teammate must have already registered their WIREWAX account.