How do I add a hotspot?

Making your video tappable

The hotspot is the visible (but you can choose to have it invisible) call to action that sits on your asset to indicate an area is clickable/tappable. WIREWAX offers two kinds of hotspots to use in your videos, Sticky or Static.


Sticky Hotspots

These stick to people or objects as they move. Typically you'll see 9x higher viewer activity compared to static hotspots.

Static Hotspots

These are anchored to a fixed position in the video frame and don't move. You decide when you want them to appear.

To add a hotspot to your video/image:

1) Begin playing your video (tapping space to play) or using the player bar to scrub the video to find the object/person/area of the video you would like to make interactive.

2) Click the plus in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

3) Choose from a sticky or static hotspot (remember a sticky hotspot will track the movement of the object, static will remain in one place.

4) Draw a bounding box around the area you want to make clickable.

Now in the settings panel:

Give your hotspot a name (It's important to label your hotspot with a clear name so it can be easily identified, it is this name that will be used in your metrics to report on how many times a hotspot has been clicked).

Next, choose an icon design - pick from one of our ready to go designs or search your library for a specific hotspot you want (currently changing the design of a hotspot will affect all hotspots in the video to use the same design).

Alter the hotspot position in the box you have drawn either by dragging the icon in the video or by altering the X and Y percentages.

If a static hotspot, you will need to pick an in-point (what time you want the hotspot to start in your video) and outpoint (what time you want the hotspot to end in your video).

Finally, choose your interaction behaviour (what you want to happen when a user taps on a hotspot), choose from:

Display an overlay - display a pop-up containing text, images, video, iframes completely customisable by you.

Do nothing - exactly that nothing happens on click, weird right? But perfect to use alongside our iframe API to trigger an event on the page your page can listen to.

Open URL - click out to another webpage

Jump to point in video - take your viewer to a specific timestamp in the video on hotspot click.

Click the tick at the top of the panel to confirm.


How to add a sticky hotspot:


How to add a static hotspot: