How do I add an iFrame to my Overlay?

Connect your overlay to the rest of the web with iFrames


Embedding iFrames into your Interactive Video

The defining benefit of interactive video is that you can connect your content to the rest of the web, all within a click for your viewer. Whether surfacing vital information, teaching a lesson, or asking a question, interactivity can turn a static video into a truly immersive experience that allows your viewer to take an immediate action. 

One key way to instantly make your video more connected is by using iFrames to bring in content seamlessly from the web. WIREWAX’s iFrame tool inside the Overlay editor allows you to surface any URL-hosted content simply by copying and pasting in the web address. 

In this article, we’ll outline some of the most popular use cases for including iFrame content within your video. Read through and then give it a try yourself!