How do I search for assets?

Searching for assets


The search bar on top of the page -

When you enter a search term or video ID in the search bar at the top of the DAM, WIREWAX looks for it in titles, descriptions, tags and folders. It can also scan the text, faces and objects detected in your video using our advanced computer vision technology. Your search will be broken into categories to help identify the type of asset you are looking for:

Images or videos - assets you've uploaded that can be made interactive.

Folders - Folder with the search term in the title.

Documents - These assets, such as PDF's, audio files and others, are ones that cannot be made interactive.

Filters -

You can narrow down your selection of assets and filter for the asset you need by using multiple search terms to accurately pinpoint the asset you are searching for as you can use a combination of file filters, date filters and time filters.