How do I share a folder of assets?

Sharing is caring

Sharing folders of assets to other team members is important to help create as collaborative a workflow as possible. That's why we've made it as simple as we can. Once you've made a folder, follow these steps:

1) Select a folder from the folder tree on the left side of the DAM.

2) Click the three-dot menu that appears to the left of the folder

3) Enter the email address(es) of the WIREWAX users you wish to share the folder with.

4) Choose the permissions you would like to grant the recipients.

The different permission levels are:

Admin - Can upload to the folder, create new folders and has full editable and viewer permissions for any assets as well as adding new users to the folder.

Editor - Can only edit the assets inside the folder.

Uploader - Can upload assets to the folder and can edit assets.

Viewer- Can only view the preview of the assets that are inside the folder and cannot enter the editor of the assets.

Viewer - Can only view assets in the folder has no edit controls.