How do I upload a video from a URL?

Grab videos directly from your favourite video services


You can upload videos directly from both YouTube or Vimeo, or a Google Drive link. To do this, copy the URL of the video you would like to upload to your WIREWAX Studio account. Next, choose Upload from the DAM. Paste the URL and choose Upload.

For videos from YouTube or Vimeo, this'll then be able to use YouTube and Vimeo as a host. After you've finished making your interactive video, click on the "Publish Settings" menu on the lower right-hand side of your Studio editor. From here, scroll down and you'll be able to select "Vimeo Hosted" or "Youtube Hosted" as an option. You can read more HERE.

Note: This will change the embed code generated and you'll need to use this updated embed code when embedding your WIREWAX video. The interactive experience can not currently sit back on a YouTube or Vimeo player page.