Metrics Glossary

Terminology for the WIREWAX Metrics dashboard

All the definitions and calculations you'll need to know to interpret your video's performance.

For a more visual and shareable breakdown of performance metrics, check out our quick PDF guide here


Active Views & Active Viewers - An active viewer is a viewer who interacted with your video at least once. An active view is a view in which at least one interaction took place.

Unique Views - A view will be flagged as unique if it is determined that the user has not seen the video inside the browser they are using.

Add to carts - The number of clicks on "add to cart" widgets in your video.

Click-outs - The number of clicks on external links within your video.

Dwell Time - The total amount of time (in seconds) viewers spent inside your overlays.

Interactions - This is the total number of times your hotspots were clicked.

Views - The number of times the video has been watched.

Viewers - The number of people who started playing your video.

Impressions - are recorded when the player has finished loading.

Play rate - Calculated as Views/ Impressions.

Percentage of viewers interacted (interaction rate) - Calculated as active viewers/ total viewers. This is the percentage of viewers who have interacted with your video. Sometimes referred to as active audience share.

Interactions per active viewer - Calculated as total interactions/ active viewers.

Retention - Viewer retention measures how far into the video your viewers went. Quartile retention shows this as a percentage of viewers who reached 25%, 50%, and 75% of the way into the video.

Completion rate - the percentage of viewers who watched 100% of your video.

Clicks - Records when a user clicks a hotspot on Desktop.

Touch - Recorded when a user clicks a hotspot on a mobile device or tablet.

Views by browser - breaks down total views by browser type

Views by device - breaks down total views by device type

Views by domain - breaks down total views by embedded location.

Shares - the amount of times your viewers shared your video using the player share button.

Watch time - the average timestamp your viewers reached in your video per view