What is the WIREWAX editor and how do I get there?

Get to know the Editor



The WIREWAX Editor is the smartest way to create an interactive video. It is your gateway to bringing your video content to the next level.

To open the Editor:

1) Double click on the asset you want to make interactive in the asset dashboard, or click on the three-dot menu on the righthand side of the asset and choose 'Open Editor'.

The main focus of the editor page, once inside, is adding hotspots and the timeline:

1) The top left corner of the screen shows a preview of your video/image and has options to add a hotspot or choose a hotspot design.

2) The timeline along the bottom not only shows where you are in the video, but also displays where faces/objects have been detected, any branching behavior, as well as where hotspots have been placed in the video.

The right-hand side of the Editor displays all of the settings and interactions on your video:

General - Update the tags and metadata of your video, including title and description; add a password protect or geo-lock your video as well. From the General tab you can also choose a poster frame for the video or upload your own.

Hotspots - Displays the hotspots and overlays added to your video allowing you to make bulk updates quickly and simply.

Time Triggers - Displays the time triggers added to your video allowing you to create loops, jump points, and time triggered overlays.

Subtitles - Generate and add subtitles to your video.

Embed - Create an embed code for your video or share directly to your social channels.

Metrics - See how your asset is performing by being able to see data from our 150 data points in easy to understand charts. Download the full metrics report or share the link to the report with your team members.

Preview your asset at any point by clicking on the preview toggle on the far left, to see the asset how your viewers will.