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Why does my iframe content not appear in the overlay?

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The iFrame tool inside the Overlay editor allows you to copy and paste a web address into the overlay editor and surface its content. You can resize the iFrame as it makes sense in your overlay. Bear in mind if the site you’re bringing in is responsive, it should behave exactly as it does in the browser depending what size you set it. 

On the far-left hand side of the Overlay Editor, choose ‘Embed’ (the last option) and enter a URL to the right.

One important thing to note: many domain owners purposely restrict their content from being iframed for security reasons. WIREWAX Studio can’t override this restriction. If you’re the domain owner, ask your web team to check the site’s x-frame-options HTTP response header to allow for iFraming.  If you aren’t the domain owner, consider asking the owner for access to an unrestricted page. 

If x-frame-options restrictions are blocking your website from being iFramed, consider having your development team create and host a custom HTML page that you have control over and can edit as you wish.